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High-quality hardware products in Seymour

chriss timber and hardware poles


The following are just some of the pole products routinely in stock.

Not all poles are in stock. Phone us for availability.

75-100mm 3-4” 1.8m 6’
2.1m 7’
2.4 m 8’
3.0m 10’
3.6m 12’
4.2m 14’
100-125mm 4-5” 1.8m 6’
2.1m 7’
2.4 m 8’
3.0m 10’
3.6m 12’
4.2m 14’
125-150mm 5-6” 1.8m 6’
2.1m 7’
2.4 m 8’
3.0m 10’
3.6m 12’
4.2 14’
150-200mm 6-8" 1.8m 6'
2.1m 7’
2.4m 8’
3.0m 10’
4.2m 12’
200-250mm 8-10”” 2.1m 7’
2.4m 8’
150-200mm 4.2m
150-200mm 4.8m
150-200mm 6.0m
Perfect round
1.8m 100mm
1.8m 125mm
2.1m 180mm
2.4m 100mm
2.4m 125mm
2.4m 150mm
3.0m 100mm
3.0m 125mm
3.0m 150mm
3.6m 125mm
chriss timber and hardware insulation


Chris's Timber supplies insulation per pack and at bulk rates.
R value/thickness Standard size Coverage per pack
R2.5 125mm 1160x430 14.96 sqm
R3.0 145mm 1160x430 11.47 sqm
R3.5 175mm 1160x430 10.47 sqm
R4.0 195mm 1160x430 8.98 sqm
R5.0 210mm 1160x430 5.49 sqm
R6.0 275mm 1160x430 5.99 sqm
R2.5 125mm 1160x580 20.18 sqm
R3.0 145mm 1160x580 15.47 sqm
R3.5 175mm 1160x580 14.13 sqm
R4.1 195mm 1160x580 12.11 sqm
R5.0 210mm 1160x580 7.40 sqm
R6.0 275mm 1160x580 8.07 sqm
R1.5 75mm 1160x430 20.95 sqm
R2.0 90mm 1160x430 15.96 sqm
R2.5HP 90mm 1160x430 6.98 sqm
R1.5 75mm 1160x580 28.26 sqm
R2.0 90mm 1160x580 21.53 sqm
R2.5HP 90mm 1160x580 9.42 sqm
R1.6 50mm 1160X430 18.95 sqm
R2 75mm 1160X430 11.97 sqm
R1.6 50mm 1160X580 25.57 sqm
R2 75mm 1160x580 16.15 sqm
chriss timber and hardware lpg gas bottles

Gas bottles

Chris's Timber and Hardware is the local supplier for Supagas.
Gas Bottles
Swap or refill
Refills: 9kg
Changeover 45kg
Bottle (full) 9kg
Exchange out of date bottle
chriss timber and hardware wire supplies


The following are just some of the wire products routinely in stock. As a supplier of Whites Wire products, a range of additional wire fencing products is available to order.
Panel 2.4 x 1.2
1.8 x 1.2
Mesh Gal 5x5 - 120 x 30m h/d 2mm
CONCRETE MESH Full range available
REO 62 mesh 2.4m x 6m
REO 72 mesh 2.4m x 6m
75 x 50 mesh – 120cm x 10m
75 x 50 mesh – 120cm x 30m
Trellis mesh gal 100 x 100 120cm x 5m
Flower mesh gal 50 x 50 – 90cm x 10m
Flower mesh gal 125 x 50 x 50 – 90cm x 5m
Insulation mesh 180 x 115 x 100 x 1.20 50m
Chicken netting gal 120cm x 50m
Chicken netting gal 90cm x 50m
Chicken netting gal 120cm x 10m
Chicken netting gal 90cm x 10m
Chicken netting gal 90cm x 5m
Dog fence H/D 1.2 x 30m
Dog fence H/D 1.8 x 30m
Dog fence gal M/D 1.2m x 30m
Dog fence gal M/D 1.8m x 30m
Dog fence gal M/D 1.2m x 5m
Aviary mesh 90 x 5m
Aviary mesh 90 x 10m
Aviary mesh 1.2 x 5m
Aviary mesh 1.2 x 10m
Aviary mesh 12.7 x 12.7mm
Cage mesh 25 x 25mm
Mouse mesh 90 x 10m
Mouse mesh 90 x 30m
Animal netting gal 90cm x 5m
Animal netting gal 90cm x 10m
Animal netting 120 x 3 x 0.9 50m
Bird netting gal 90cm x 5m
Bird netting gal 90cm x 10m
150mm x 13mm x .56 46m
300mm 50m
600mm 50m
900mm 50m
1200mm 50m
1.8m 50m
Wire spinner
Wire hinge joint 7/90/30 200m
Staylock 7/90/30 200m
Handy fence wire 2.50mm – 300m
Medium tensile fence wire
2.50mm – 1500m
2.5mm M/ten x 1500m coil
2.5mm x 300 m
2.5mm x 400m
1.57mm x 500m
chriss timber and hardware star pickets

Star pickets

We have a wide range of Star Picket sizes routinely in stock.
Star Pickets
Yellow Site post 1.5 (for hanging barrier mesh)
10709 Star pickets Heavy duty black
Star pickets " " " 2.4
Star pickets " " " 1.65
Star pickets " " " .900
Star pickets " " " .600
Star pickets " " " .450
chriss timber and hardware lattice


We have a wide range of Lattice sizes routinely in stock.
2.7 x 1.2
2.7 x .9
2.4 x 1.2
2.4 x .9
1.8 x 1.2
Fence extension
2.405 x 1.205
Channel kit
Fence extender
chriss timber and hardware fuller products

Fuller products

As a supplier of Fuller products, Chris's Timber and Hardware can help you get the job done.

Products include the popular Max Bond Construction Adhesive, a synthetic, rubber-based adhesive designed primarily for the installation of flooring and wall panels. Max Bond is also ideal for bonding most common construction materials such as metal, timber and concrete.

New to our range is Max Bond Fast Grip Construction Adhesive. A water-based, premium grade, multi-purpose construction adhesive, it is easy to use and provides a strong initial grip. Fast Grip is ideal for bonding parquetry to floors and subfloors, and for bonding timber strip flooring that will be sanded and finished after installation.

chriss timber and hardware post supports

Post supports

Chris's Timber and Hardware supplies a range of steel building supplies including galvanised post supports/stirrups, heavy duty ties and brackets, and Dampcor.

Trade pack prices are available.

chriss timber and hardware easydrain


The EasyDRAIN Channel and Grate surface water drainage system is an innovative new product that makes installing a drainage system extremely easy.

Along with a complete range of accessories including EasyDRAIN Rainwater Pits and EasyDRAIN Flo-Way Gullytop Pits, the system covers storm water drainage and driveway and patio drainage.

chriss timber and hardware ladders


A supplier of Gorilla Ladders, Chris's Timber and Hardware provides a range of industrial and domestic ladders to meet your needs. Our range includes single and double-sided ladders, extension and platform ladders, and dual-purpose ladders made from aluminium or fiberglass. If we don't have it in store, we can order what you need.
chriss timber and hardware project panels

Project panels

For smaller and specialty building projects, Chris's Timber and Hardware stocks project panels for the handyman.

Panels include MDF, plywood, melamine particle board, pegboard and chalkboard.

chriss timber and hardware aluminium angle

Aluminium angles

A supplier of MaxiMetals products, Chris's Timber and Hardware has in stock a range of handy-steel and aluminium sections.

We also have in stock aluminium angle and shelving brackets.

chriss timber and hardware doors


Chris's Timber and Hardware stocks interior Redi-Coat hollow and solid pine doors that are 2.040 metres high with widths of .720, .770, .820 and .870 metres.

We also have basic exterior doors and door jamb sets in store.

For a greater selection, we can order in a range of door styles and door systems from our suppliers' catalogues.

chriss timber and hardware door seals

Door seals

Suppliers of Cowdroy door seals and tracking systems, Chris's Timber and Hardware can help you fit your home with the right product.

Why should you use a window/door seal?

Fitting a seal to your window or door may help eliminate or minimise problems such as light, sound, dust, draughts, wind, rain, insects and rodents.

Seals can also increase the energy efficiency of your home by minimising temperature loss through door and window gaps. Stay warmer in winter and cooler in summer while at the same time-saving money on your heating and cooling bills.

Which seal is the right one for you?

Before selecting your window or door seal, you need to know which seal will do the job you require.

Determining the following points will help guide you towards the correct door seal selection:

  • Are you sealing a window or door?
  • Is it hinged or sliding?
  • If it is hinged, does the door open inwardly or outwardly?
  • What is the size of the gap you wish to seal?
  • What function do you need the seal to perform? (e.g. seal against light, sound, dust, draughts, wind, rain, insects and rodents, etc.)
  • What is the width of your door?
  • What colour is your existing door furniture (locks, hinges etc.)?
chriss timber and hardware wheelbarrow


Chris's Timber and Hardware has a range of wheelbarrows in stock. From steel trays to poly trays, our heavy duty wheelbarrows come in a range of colours.
chriss timber and hardware absco shed


Chris is a supplier for Absco sheds. Easy assembly of sheds and outdoor structures.
chriss timber and hardware reinforcment concrete mesh

Concrete mesh

Chris carries a wide range of Concrete Mesh in stock.
Concrete mesh
SL 52
SL 62
SL 72
SL 82
Mesh size is 6m x 2.4m
12mm 3bar trench mesh
12mm bar
chriss timber and hardware concrete stumps

Concrete stumps

Chris's Timber and Hardware makes concrete stumps on-site that exceed the Australian building standard.

Chris's Timber and Hardware supplies concrete stumps with loops for re-stumping older houses and concrete stumps with pins for new buildings.

We stock 100mm x 100mm concrete stumps from .500mm to 1500mm in length 

We use a 6mm REO bar for reinforcement of stumps up to 1.2m. Stumps of 1.3m and over are reinforced with two bars.

We use a 25Mpa concrete.

Stumps are vibrated in the moulds and left to set for 48 hours.

We have a fantastic range of products covering all aspects of building, DIY and gardening. Whether you are looking for some new decking for the garden or some timber for a building project, we’ll be able to assist. Drop by our store today to have a look around, or talk to our staff for some advice on the best products for your needs.

chriss timber and hardware sleep supports

Sleep supports

Chris's Timber and Hardware also provides galvanised supports retaining post systems, as well as heavy duty sleeper support stakes.

The Retain-It retaining post system is suitable for 50mm or 75mm sleepers to convert them into walls up to 600mm tall.  Channel posts include ends, jointers and corners, providing you with an easy way to design a professional-looking retaining wall that meets your needs.

Call us now on 03 5799 2786 for more information about our great range of products!

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